11 10, 2018

Sethi pitches to Aisikk

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Friends are aware I’ve been living alone for eight years now. Of course, I’ve a family, consisting of my wife and son. Work that I do regularly does not allow me to stay with them. I’m living in a rented apartment for all these years—writing, editing, translating, and publishing both my stuff and that of other authors. Honestly, all these works eat much time and leave no space for personal recreations. My family suffers and so do I. However, it is now a standard routine—each day being an accurate replica of the previous day. You drop by our office; you will find me either reading (manuscripts by other authors) or editing (both others’ and mine) or writing (my stuff) [...]

20 09, 2018

From Picnic

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To know about Rimi Dey I’ll let you read her words first, There are plenty of snakes around. Tigers as well. These tigers are like snakes. There are also a handful of other animals who resemble tigers. Most of the people are aware, I keep some of them in my pockets nowadays. Rimi is a widely published Bengali poet of the ’90s. Born in a tea-estate in North Bengal, she edits Podyo, a critically acclaimed Bengali journal that deals exclusively with poetry. Rimi has authored nine collections of poetry, including Banobhojan, her latest release (Hawakal Publishers Sept 2018). I’ve translated five poems from Banobhojan (Picnic) for your reading. I’m delighted to have included a critique by Dustin Pickering. He is [...]