My Glass of Wine (Bestselling)

Book Details:

  • Publisher: Inner Child Press, Ltd
  • Genre:Nonfiction
  • ISBN-13: 978-0615861869
  • ISBN-10:  0615861865
  • Binding:Paperback

  • Current Edition:1st Edition
  • Release Date:20 November 2013
  • Language: English

  • No of Pages:96
  • Dimensions:15.2 x 0.6 x 22.9 cm
  • Weight:N.A.
  • Facebook: therecitingpens
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About The Reciting Pens

This book is essentially a work based on the interviews I held with poets Joya Mitra, Ranadeb Dasgupta, and Suddhasatya Ghosh, along with a few of their translated poems. I have tried my best to keep their words as unchanged as possible, for the deliveries carry the actual essence of the bard’s existence. Although I started my writing career as a journalist I didn’t alter much of the language simply because what I feel is irrelevant might well prove to be important to some readers. I have preferred not to be judgmental about the views expressed by my poets. Those are their views and visions, which I respect.

“The Reciting Pens” carries the brilliant ‘foreword’ by the noted poet W. F. Lantry (Washington, DC). Lets take a look on his few lines, “….As we open this book, let us consider, once again, that longest beach in the world. We have three poets, three grains of sand among all those flowing drifts of contemporary Bengali poetry. Let us try to be like Blake, seeing the entire world in a grain of sand, and experience eternity in the few hours we spend with them.”

Book Reviews


The book (The Reciting Pens) is an attempt to address the regret that the ‘rich heritage of Bengali poetry’ is not showcased for the English-knowing global readership…In short, The Reciting Pens has brought out the psychology and ergonomics of the ink and the pen, of the hand that wields the pen, of the brain that moves the writing finger, of the heart that gives life and soul to the literary creation.

The Hans India