My Glass of Wine (Bestselling)

Book Details:

  • Publisher: Hawakal Publishers

  • ISBN-13: 978-81-934230-6-6
  • Binding:Paperback

  • Current Edition:1st Edition
  • Release Date:12 August, 2017
  • Language: English

  • No of Pages:62
  • Dimensions:5.5 inches * 8.5 inches
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About Solitary Stillness

A chapbook of twenty verses, stunningly illustrated by painter Joyeeta Bose. In Solitary Stillness we are shown what it is to shun the world for one’s personal pleasure and leisure. A poet especially needs quiet moments simply to reflect. As Sengupta noted in a recent interview, “poets are self-motivated souls.” These poems unite culture and language in a variety of word games and descriptive allusion. After the reading of the collection, you are buoyantly left with a feeling of dream and wish to return to the womb of the book.

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