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Kiriti Sengupta

Kiriti Sengupta, who has been awarded the Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize (2018) for his contribution to literature, is a poet, editor, translator, and publisher from Calcutta.

His most recent work, Rituals is very different from the work readers usually read in that there is a narrative thread in many poems that is not there simply to tell a story but to ultimately present a meditation on an aspect of life and the modern world that they haven’t considered before. “Fleeing the house and leaving the doors ajar. Is it perversion or fallacy?” A simple gesture that leaves readers with much to consider about how the smallest things we do can say a great deal about how we lead our life. The idiom and wordplay conjure a sensual voice striking in specificity, “downpour evicts,” or “eyes whist like a whisper.”