My Glass of Wine (Bestselling)

Book Details:

  • Publisher: Dhansere Prakashan
  • Genre:Literary Nonfiction
  • ISBN-13: 978-8192642222
  • ISBN-10:  8192642224
  • Binding:Paperback

  • Current Edition:1st Edition
  • Release Date:2013
  • Language: English

  • No of Pages:64
  • Dimensions:N.A.
  • Weight:N.A.
  • Facebook: TheUnheardI
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About The Unheard I

The Unheard I is one of the earliest collections of Kiriti Sengupta’s poetry. Naturally, this book is a precursor to a lot of his later works. In the words of Prof. Sunil Sharma, “The book tosses different ideas and strands as lightly as a master chef tosses delicate long noodles and other ingredients in a wok and serves up a rich spread − hot, appealing and delectable…” So it can well be seen that this is where that the quality of subtleness, that has always been the trademark of Sengupta’s poetry, starts from the very beginning of his works. This is thus, not an acquired style but something that comes naturally to him. The poems must not be read ostensibly, or else they will crumble in your hands, so delicate they are.

If we pay attention to the form of this body of the poet’s work, it inevitably narrates incidents and then makes it a point to comment on the writing of poetry itself, a feature that has always pervaded his poetry form My Glass of Wine to Healing Water Floating Lamps. Sengupta’s The Unheard I is a venture to narrate his journalistic experiences wrapped in his poetic insight that is a delight to read. Sengupta makes it a point to maintain the clarity in his poem rather than making it too obscure; he knows too well that if it is not done then the whole purpose of his writing would go in vain. All he tries to do here is to draw the attention of people who are not that keen on poetry, and if you are one of those people, this would be a good place to start because this would present you profound thoughts without making it hard to understand which is a laudable feat indeed.

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